Jeff has over 17 years of editing experience and was a founder and senior editor of the politics and culture publication Kitchen Sink, winner of the 2003 Utne Independent Press Award for Best New Title. KS also received awards from the San Francisco Bay Guardian, East Bay Express, and SF Weekly. He is currently Editor in Chief at LIT, the journal of the MFA Writing Program at The New School, promoting innovative art and literature. He has also edited for print and digital publications including The Rumpus, Dewclaw, and Fabula.

As a developmental editor, he encourages adventurous critical prose with attention to form and flow, in service to the writer's aims. He is calm under deadline and patient with the writing process. He is not afraid of the footnote.

He specializes in editing critical nonfiction and literary fiction manuscripts, and has worked with Azareen Van der Vliet Oloomi (Fra Keeler, The Holy City) and Claire Donato (Burial). He is also available to advise on dissertations, scholarly articles, and thesis work. Send inquiries via Facebook or email.