Jeff has published poetry, criticism, and mixed-form writing for over 15 years. He recently completed a manuscript entitled Trouble Songs: A Musicological Poetics, which explores the use of the word 'trouble' in 20th and 21st century music. His poetry manuscripts, F I L M O G R A P H Y and The FOEHN or, fern, are under consideration at several presses and have been finalists or received honorable mention for Subito Press's Book Contest and Coconut Books's Open Reading Period.

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Mixed-Form Projects
Poetry (Online & Print)




Trouble Songs: A Musicological Poetics (Punctum Books, 2017)

A book-length meditation on the use of the word 'trouble' in 20th and 21st century music, Trouble Songs: A Musicological Poetics is part literary criticism, part prose poem, and part cultural archeology. It is forthcoming from Punctum Books in 2017.

Excerpts from Trouble Songs have appeared in Jacket2, The New Yinzer (Lee Hazlewood and Cat Power) and The Rumpus (Lambchop), and are forthcoming in Encyclopedia L-Z (Caetano Veloso and Gal Costa).

Music Criticism & Essays

From 2002-2007, Jeff was Kitchen Sink's Founding Senior Editor and Music Editor. He wrote articles on bands including The Fall, Quasi, Karen Dalton, The Thermals, Men's Recovery Project, Can, Giant Haystacks, Weezer, John Vanderslice, Pavement, Silver Jews, The Hold Steady, Brian Eno, The Mountain Goats, Destroyer, and Guided by Voices.

From 2011-2013, Jeff served as The Rumpus's Music Reviews Editor. While at The Rumpus, he conceptualized and wrote a column entitled "Record Related," which placed musicians' newly released records in conversation with their NYC-based live performances. Read his "Record Related" essays on Lambchop, Wild Flag, and Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks, or check out pieces on Carrie Brownstein and Aeroplane Pageant with Rick Moody.

Jeff's also written about Metallica, Black Francis, Pavement, and Radiohead for Coldfront; Destroyer for Fanzine; The Nervous Breakdowns, Slumber Party, and Continuous Peasant for SF Weekly; Blondie, Sleater-Kinney, Royal Trux, and Boss Hog for Fabula; and The Fall for Pitchfork.

Book Reviews

Jeff writes book reviews and essays on contemporary poetry, literary and experimental fiction, and culture writing. In particular, he is interested in innovative hybrid writing. Check out his recent reviews of Tan Lin, Thalia Field & Leslie Scalapino, Thomas Pynchon, Erín Moure, and Ben Lerner.


Mixed-Form Projects

Letters from the Archiverse

Letters from the Archiverse is an ongoing visual poem composed in architectural modeling space, using AutoCAD design software. In progress since 2008, it combines attributes and methods in concrete poetry and open-field composition with 3D image modeling capabilities. The Archiverse explores materiality in writing and the potential for language-based visual art in an age of ready access to touch-screen mobile interfaces.

In collaboration with literary theorist Andrew Klobucar, Assistant Professor of English at New Jersey Institute of Technology, he is currently developing a mobile/tablet application that gives viewers an unprecedented level of control over a screen-based compositional environment. Their goal is to create an open-field, interactive and compositional space that intentionally blurs all traditional lines between viewers and authors/producers to offer a site of ongoing collaboration while building a single text-based artwork. This application’s development is part of a broader investigation of compositional space and language materiality in The Archiverse.

The Archiverse has been exhibited or performed at venues including HASTAC (Toronto, ON), The Observatory at Proteus Gowanus (Brooklyn, NY), and the New Jersey Institute of Technology (Newark, NY).


The Organism for Poetic Research: Artist Statement | Excerpts
The Newark Review


SPECIAL AMERICA was an exploration of American Exceptionalism, ambiguous political speech, and what Canadian poet Rachel Zolf calls 'mad affect.' In collaboration with Claire Donato, SPECIAL AMERICA presented itself at college campuses and academic conferences as an analog hack or meme, a gesture toward embodied viral media. In performance, it combined elements of site-specific institutional critique, radical appropriation, crowdsourcing, song and dance.

SPECIAL AMERICA was  performed at Babycastles (New York, NY), Brown University (Providence, RI), The New Jersey Institute of Technology (Newark, NJ), West Virginia University (Wheeling, WV), and a literary salon in South Bend, IN.




Tarpaulin Sky

PEN America



LETTERS FROM THE ARCHIVERSE (at The Organism for Poetic Research)



PELT, Vol. 2, The Ravanastron

PELT, Vol. 1, The Skin of Space

smoking glue gun vol. 3

Whiskey & Fox Parks & Occupation no. 3

Whiskey & Fox Parks & Occupation no. 2

Whiskey & Fox Parks & Occupation no. 1

Slope 47

Whiskey & Fox vol 4 no. 1


Infinite Editions


Coldfront (@end of feature)

The Tolerance Project

Gaga Stigmata



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